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Smoke Related Resources
To see the contour map, Select Contours and check Ozone and PM (PM2.5 and PM10) and then scroll in

Oregon Smoke Information
Click the white box in the upper right hand corner to toggle on smoke plumes or topographic vs. satellite images

WeatherBug Air Quality
Note: WeatherBug scale is 0 to 100, not the AirNow scale of 0 to 500

NOAA Smoke Forecast
Click Near Surface Smoke, Select time - PDT is Z - 7 hours on the time slider at the bottom of the screen

NASA Worldview
Shows fires and smoke plumes - Select date bottom left- Usually updated in the afternoon

NOAA Hazard Mapping System Fire and Smoke Product

Wind Patterns
Select the date in the bottom "Change date" drop-down menu

National Wildfire Index

Purple Air
Real time PM 2.5 um/m3 sensor data from privately owned sensors. You can drag / zoom the map or edit the Lat/Lon in the URL

NOAA Short Term Smoke Forecast
24 Hour Smoke Forecast

Fire Weather & Avalanche Center
Click the Menu Upper Right and select what you want displayed

Mt. Ashland Diamond Lake Selma (Hayes Hill)
Buck Prairie Dunsmuir Mt. Shasta
Crater Lake Lake of the Woods Siskiyou Summit


Forest Closure Information

BLM Emergency Closure Notices

BLM Fire Closures and Fire Restrictions by State

Forest Service Northwest Region: Emergency Closures