Friday Moderate Hikes for July 2022

Last Revision 6/28/22


Our Guidelines and Instructions:

Scheduled for Fridays, year-round, the Moderate Group is one option under the Ashland Hiking Group. It is for those who need or desire a lightly paced, shorter hike than is customary in the other AHG options. These hikes feature an easy pace for 4-6 miles (occasionally 7) and typically under 800’ elevation gain. Winter snowshoeing distances and elevation gains will be less.

We take a leisurely lunch break to socialize and sometimes share a short poem or other form of inspiration (voluntary but welcomed). On the trail, we stay together for safety and enjoyment. If a hiker wants to stop short of the destination, at least one fellow hiker will join. We recommend a hiking pole or two, and sturdy hiking boots. When driving a distance, we may have a voluntary post-hike experience in the area or on our return drive. Bring lunch, plenty of liquids, sunscreen, hat, and basic first aid items. Seasonal items include bug repellent, raincoat, winter attire and snowshoes.

Leave the Rite Aid parking lot on Ashland Street at 8:30 AM (unless informed otherwise for a given hike). Plan a full day, unless the hike location is close to Ashland. Carpooling is by personal choice, arranged at Rite Aid parking. All hikers must sign a liability waiver, provided by the hike leader, before their first hike with an Ashland Hiking Group, which covers liability for any of the AHG hike options.

While the Covid 19 Pandemic is with us, hikers must be fully vaccinated and bring masks for use when close to others or indoors, and while driving together in an enclosed vehicle.

Leaders: Elisabeth Zinser, 541.646.6109 and Kay Simmons, 202-870-3404.

July 8:  Mt. Ashland Ski Road (MP 7) to Grouse Gap on the PCT Note: Depart Rite Aid Parking at 8 AM
TH: Take Mt. Ashland exit 6 off I-5; turn right on Mt. Ashland Ski Road. Parking area for PCT is just around the bend from mile marker 7. EDT: 30 minutes.
Description: Hike south on the PCT to Grouse Gap (one forest road crossing). Probably see lots of flowers in bloom, especially in the meadow areas. We’ll have lunch at a view in shade. Return the same way. Distance 6.8 miles RT; elevation gain of 870 feet. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 30 miles.

July 22:  Grouse Gap to Siskiyou Peak via PCT (+ side trail) Depart Rite Aid Parking at 8 AM
TH: Take Mt. Ashland exit 6 off I-5; turn right on Mount Ashland Ski Road to the ski area, then drive another 2 miles on FS20 to the PCT crossing at Grouse Gap to park the cars. EDT: 40 minutes.
Description: Follow the PCT 2.7 miles. Before the PCT starts to descend near the trail summit, turn left and walk up through the field and up further to the summit of Siskiyou Peak for lunch. Fabulous views. Return same way. Hiking distance: 5.4 miles RT; elevation gain of 1,050 feet. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 50 miles.