Wednesday Hike Schedule for June 2021

Last Revision 6/13/21


Leave from the Rite Aid parking lot on Ashland Street at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sunscreen and rain gear as appropriate. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway. 100 Hikes = 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, Second Edition. Hike leader: Keeley Kirkendal, 541-646-8797.

June 2: Boccard Point  Leave at 8:00 AM We decided to go just to Little Pilot Peak today because of the heat.
TH: From Highway 66 turn onto Soda Mountain Road just before reaching Greensprings Summit; Proceed some 5 miles to the PCT crossing right after passing under power lines for the second time. EDT: 45 minutes. Description: follow PCT for about 3 miles and turn left to follow a trail towards Boccard Point.  We will have lunch at Boccard Point and have the option of finding Little Pilot Peak on the way back to the cars (adds about ½ mile). Incredible views from Mt. Shasta and Pilot Rock to Mt. McLoughlin. Distance: about 10 miles, elevation gain: about 1,500 feet.  Weather Forecast  RT mileage: 40 miles.

June 9: Duck Lakes  Leave at 8:00 AM
TH: Down I-5 to the Fort Jones/Etna exit (Exit 773).  Follow SR 3 for 31 miles and turn right onto French Creek Road (between Etna and Callahan).  Follow this paved road for 6.8 miles and turn right at the T onto dirt road FS 40N22 for 0.7 miles to a bear right onto High C Road for 1.3 miles to the TH on the left. EDT: 90 minutes.  Description: At 26 acres, Big Duck Lake is the largest lake in the Russian Wilderness.  It is 27 feet deep and at 6,400 feet elevation.  Little Duck Lake is a gem of a lake up against a massive cirque. The trail is a combination of long ago abandoned logging roads and single track trails. Distance: 9 miles if we do both lakes. Elevation gain: 2,700'.  Weather forecast. RT mileage: 160 miles.

June 16: Aspen Butte Leave at 8:00 AM Hike leaders: Bob Hutton and Sherry Wiegel
TH:  Take DIM up to a right on Clover Creek Road just past milepost 28. Follow Clover Creek east for 5.6 miles to a left onto FR 3852 (not sure the FR # is posted, but there is a sign on a tree on the right side of Clover Road pointing at the turn)  The lead car will wait after making the turn.  Proceed 3.4 miles to the TH at the end of the road staying on the better gravel road and bearing left when in doubt. 
Description: A beautiful trail up a creek, past a lake, and over ash fields to the rim of a giant caldera with a commanding view of Lake Harriette, the largest in the Mountain Lakers Wilderness.  We will be shooting to summit Aspen Butte, the highest point in this wilderness at 8,200 feet.  It is a partially collapsed caldera (much older than Crater Lake) with many of its walls collapsed.  It was created before the latest ice age and experienced considerable glaciation, unlike Crater, which is much newer and formed after the latest ice age.  EDT: 60 minutes, Weather forecast.  RT mileage: 80 miles

This is a 10 mile, 2,400' vertical, in and out hike to the top of Aspen Butte.  Once on the rim we can split into two groups, one staying on the rim and enjoying a long lunch and the second group attacking the last, steep 400' to the summit.  However we need to all meet up again on the rim and go down to the cars as a group. 

Sherry Wiegel and Bob Hutton are co leading this hike.  Sherry is familiar with the trail.  Note, this is not the Han's trail.  Take a look at the AllTrails link for a view of the caldera/cirque and trail.

June 23: Kerby Peak Leave at 8:00 AM Hike Leader: Steve Weyer
TH: Up to Grants Pass and then west on Highway 199 to Selma. In Selma left at the blinker on Deer Creek Road for 9 miles, right on White Creek Road for 0.5 miles and then left at the Kerby Peak Trail sign on East White Creek Road for 3 miles to the TH. EDT: 90 minutes. Description: Beautiful but steep climb through an old growth forest up to the ridge and then a fairly gentle walk along the ridge up to Kerby Peak. Distance 6 miles; Elevation delta: 2,800 feet. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 150 miles.

June 30: PCT from Old 99 to Pilot Rock  Leave at 8:00 AM Hike leader: Francie Skinner
TH: Take I-5 to the Mt. Ashland exit.  Proceed under I-5 to the PCT crossing. EDT: 30 min.  Description: follow the PCT towards Pilot Rock and return the same way. Climbing Pilot Rock is optional. Distance 9 miles; climbing 2,500 feet (add 500 feet for a successful Pilot Rock summit). Weather forecast. RT mileage: 30 miles.