Wednesday Hike Schedule for May 2018

Last Revision 5/27/18


Leave from the Rite Aid parking lot on Ashland Street at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sunscreen and rain gear as appropriate. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway. 100 Hikes = 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, Second Edition

May 2: PCT from Greensprings Summit to Hobart Bluff (p. 130 in 101 Hikes)
TH: Drive Highway 66 14.5 miles to PCT crossing at Greensprings Summit. EDT: 45 minutes. Description: Follow the PCT for 3.3 miles through the woods and along the crest to the "Hobart Bluff Viewpoint" sign; turn right 0.3 miles to top of bluff; enjoy 360 degree views and lunch before returning the same way. Distance: 7+ miles; elevation gain: 2,000 feet of climbing; Weather Forecast. RT mileage: 35 miles.

May 9: Kelsey Creek to Maple Falls (p. 45 in Best Hikes of the Marble and Russian Wilderness Areas) Leave at 8:00 AM. 
TH: Take I-5 to Yreka Exit 773 and follow Highway 3 to Fort Jones. Right on the Scott River Road for 17 miles. Past the Kelsey Guard Station and just before Bridge Flat the road crosses the Scott River. Immediately past the bridge go left on Kelsey Creek Road for 1/2 mile. Do not cross the second bridge but continue straight past the house to the roomy trailhead. EDT 90 minutes. Description: The Kelsey Trail was built by the army in the middle 1800s as a supply line from Crescent City to Ft. Jones. Follow Kelsey Creek to Maple Falls. Distance 9 miles; climbing 2,200'. Weather forecast. RT mileage 150 miles.

May 16: Rogue Gorge: Union Creek Gorge to Woodruff Bridge (p.86 in 100 Hikes) - Meet at 8:30 AM
TH: Take Highway 62 east from Medford to the Union Creek overlook parking area just past Becky's; on the way, leave a shuttle car at Woodruff Bridge; EDT: 90 min. Description: Follow the Rogue River down to Woodruff Bridge. It's springtime along the Rogue - dogwoods and other flowers should be in bloom. Distance: 7 miles; elevation gain: mostly downhill. Weather Report. RT mileage: 150 miles.

May 23: Rogue River Trail: Woodruff Bridge to Prospect Canal (p. 84 in 100 Hikes) - Leave at 8:30 AM
TH: Take Highway 62 towards Prospect. Immediately after crossing the canal after the first Prospect exit take a left and follow the unnamed gravel road beside the canal to the TH and leave a shuttle car. Back on 62 head up to the Woodruff Bridge turn and make a left to the TH just before the bridge. EDT: 90 minutes. Description: Generally downhill trail through the woods along the Rogue River. Distance 10 miles. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 130 miles.

May 30: Wagner Butte (p. 140 in 100 Hikes)
TH: From Talent make a left onto Rapp Road and continue on to Wagner Creek Road. From the start of gravel continue 2.3 miles to a left to stay on Wagner Creek Road. Continue another 3.6 miles, making a left after crossing the cattle grate, to the TH which is 1.9 miles past the cattle grate. EDT: 45 minutes. Description: uphill most of the way, but great flower displays and spectacular panoramic views from the top. Distance: 10.4 miles RT; elevation gain: 2,200 feet. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 40 miles.