Monday Hike Schedule for November 2018

Last Revision 11/24/18


Leave from the Rite Aid parking lot on Ashland Street promptly at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sun-screen and rain gear. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; RT = round trip mileage; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway. 100 Hikes is 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, 3rd edition
Coordinator: John Kerr: 541-630-0026.

November 5: Panther Point (Applegate Lake) RT (p. 157 in 100 Hikes)
TH: Take Hwy 238 from Jacksonville to Ruch (8 miles); take Upper Applegate Rd. 15 miles to Applegate Dam; drive left across dam to Dagelma TH: (2.5 mi.); EDT: 60 min.
Description: Take Osprey trail to Payette trail and continue along the lake shore to Hal’s Point for lunch; return the same way.
Distance: 7.5 miles; elevation gain: 750 ft. Weather forecast. RT driving mileage: 80 miles.

November 12: Lost Creek Lake (west shore) RT
TH: Take Hwy 62 to Lost Creek Lake; turn left onto Takelma Rd. at “Fish Hatchery” sign; Drive to end of paved road and continue on gravel road about 2.5 miles (4.5 miles from Hwy 62). Pass the Cross Creek campground and continue until you see a trail on the right coming up where the land beside the lake suddenly disappears and there is no place for a trail. There is a red marker on the sign. Continue a short distance to where you see a small road going up the hill to the left and just beyond it the well-marked Rogue River Trail to the right. EDT: 75 min. Description: Follow the trail along the Lake to left turn sign for the Blue Grotto and go left about 200 yards to the Grotto. Return by same trail. Distance: 7.5 miles: Elevation gain 750 ft. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 100 miles.

November 19: Dutchman Peak
TH: Turn at Ruch and head south to FS 20 just after the road to Applegate Lake hits a fork and turns left. Turn left and up FS 20 for 12 miles of paved road and 10 miles of dirt road to Silver Fork Gap. Take GFS 20 at 9 o’clock with goes up about 2 more miles to the ridge. Continue to the right along the ridge until you get to the PCT crossing which will be our trailhead. EDT: 90 minutes. Description: Nice views on this walk along the ridge and huge views from the Dutchman Peak lookout. Distance: 7-7.5 miles; elevation gain about 600 feet. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 120 miles.

November 26: Grizzly Peak Hike Leader: Rich Stickle
TH: Left on Highway 66 for 0.8 miles to a left onto Dead Indian Memorial Highway for 6.7 miles to a left onto Shale City Road and follow the Grizzly Peak Trail signs: 3 miles on pavement, 2 miles on dirt.  EDT: 30 minutes. Description: great views over the Rogue Valley. Distance: 5 miles; elevation gain: 1,200 ft. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 30 miles.