Monday Hike Schedule for January 2016

Last Revision 1/15/16


Leave from the Safeway parking lot in Ashland promptly at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sun-screen and rain gear. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; RT = round trip; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway. 100 Hikes is 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, 3rd edition
Leader: Alex Maksymowicz: 541-482-1964. 

January 4: Snowshoe Trip: Buck Prairie (Dead Indian Memorial Road)
TH: Take DIM about 18 mi. to Buck Prairie Sno Park; Sno Pass required for drivers EDT: 45 min.
Description: start out on Buck Prairie Rd and make a right at the junction by the toilets; continue about 1 mile, then return the same way.
Distance: 3.6 mi; elev. gain: 500 ft. Howard Prairie SNOTEL. Weather forecast.  RT mileage: 40 miles.

January 11: Da-Ku-Be-Te-De Trail (Applegate Lake) (p. 158 in 100 Hikes)
TH: Take Hwy 238 from Jacksonville area to Ruch (8 mi); turn left onto Upper Applegate Rd and drive16 mi to Swayne Viewpoint, one mile past Applegate Lake dam.  EDT: 60 min
Description: Walk some 3.5 miles along the north shore of Applegate Lake to the Copper boat ramp (directly opposite the Manzanita TH on the south shore); retrace our incoming route after lunch.
Distance: 7 miles RT; elevation gain: unknown—generally level, with undulations. Weather forecaast. RT mileage: 100 miles

January 18: White Rabbit/Alice-in-Wonderland Trails/Bandersnatch trails (100 Hikes, p. 144)
TH: Top of Park St, Ashland; EDT: 10 min;
Description: Leave shuttle car in former Haggen’s parking lot.  Take White Rabbit trail from Park St to Ashland Loop Rd; cross road and continue on Alice-in-Wonderland Bandersnatch trails down to Glenview Drive and on to parking area.  Lunch in Ashland.
Distance: 6 mi; elev. gain: 1200 ft. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 5 mi

January 25: Viewpoint Mike (near Lost Creek Lake) (100 Hikes, p. 241)
TH: From Medford drive Hwy 62 past the turn off for the Lost Creek Lake fish hatchery and take next right into parking area;  EDT: 60 min.
Description: very nicely laid out trail parallels Hwy 62 as it climbs through varied terrain to a large rock outcrop with good views of the surrounding area.  An additional half-mile RT walk thru the woods takes us to a more extensive view over Lost Creek Lake.
Distance: 6 miles RT; elevation gain: 1200 feet. Weather forecast.  RT mileage: 100 miles