Wednesday Hike Schedule for April 2014

Last Revision 4/27/14


Leave from the Safeway parking lot in Ashland at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sunscreen and rain gear as appropriate. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway. 100 Hikes = 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, Second Edition

April 2: Lower Rogue River East Trail: Grave Creek to Alder Creek (p. 189 in 101 Hikes)
TH: Take I-5 north to Merlin (Exit 60); drive thru Merlin and follow Galice Road 19 miles to the far side of the Grave Creek bridge; turn left downhill to boat ramp and TH; EDT: 90 minutes. Description: Follow north rim of Rogue River canyon past Rainie Falls to Alder Creek and back; spectacular scenery, but trail is a little rough in places. You may find poles useful on this hike for both the occasional side stream crossings as well as the rocky up and down trail. Distance: 10 miles; About 2,500' of up on this one; lots of little ups and downs that add up to a good workout. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 150 miles.

April 9: Sterling Mine Ditch Trail: Wolf Gap to Deming Gulch (p. 144 in 100 Hikes)
TH:Up 99 to a left on Colver Road for 1.8 miles. Left onto Pioneer and follow it 5.4 miles to Griffin Creek Road. Left on Griffin Creek Road for 1.3 miles Straight onto Griffin Lane for 4.8 miles. Left onto Sterling Creek for 2.2 miles. Left onto BLM 39-2-8 for 1.0 mile (bearing left) to drop shuttle car at Deming Gulch TH. Continue on for 1.8 mile to the Wolf Gap TH. EDT: 45 min. Description: The last time we did this one in 2011 we had to bushwhack down through the poison oak to the ditch. The trail has now been cleaned up and the 800' drop down from Wolf Gap to the Ditch Trail takes us across an open meadow with good views of the Little Applegate valley. Once down to the ditch it is a relatively level walk back to the shuttle car.  Distance: 9 miles; elevation loss: 800 feet. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 60 miles.

April 16:Lost Creek Lake (North Shore) (p.82 in 100 Hikes)
TH: Drive across the high bridge on the north side of Lost Creek Lake and make an immediate left on Lewis Road and continue for 1 mile to the TH; EDT: 60 minutes. Description: "generally level", pretty trail through the woods along the north shore of Lost Creek Lake past the spur to the Blue Grotto and on to our usual lunch spot at the bench below a rock outcrop overlooking the lake; return the same way. Distance: about 10 miles RT; 900 feet of up. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 100 miles.

April 23: Mule Mountain Trail to Baldy Peak (Applegate Valley) (p.228 in 100 Hikes) TH: Head south from Jacksonville on Highway 238 and make a left at Ruch onto Upper Applegate Road. The TH is on the left hand side of Upper Applegate Road, just past the 12 mile marker (5.5 miles beyond the Star Ranger Station); park off pavement wherever you can; EDT: 60 minutes Description: Lovely trail that winds its way unremittingly up the hillsides above the Applegate Valley. Distance: 8 miles RT; elev gain: 3,000 feet. Weather Forecast. RT mileage: 80 miles.

April 30: Rogue River Trail: Woodruff Bridge to Prospect Canal (p. 84 in 100 Hikes) - Meet at 8:30 AM
TH: Take Highway 62 towards Prospect. Immediately after crossing the canal after the first Prospect exit take a left and follow the unnamed gravel road beside the canal to the TH and leave a shuttle car. Back on 62 head up to the Woodruff Bridge turn and make a left to the TH just before the bridge. EDT: 90 minutes. Description: We have not hiked this section of the river since 2007. Time to take another look. Generally downhill trail through the woods along the Rogue River. Distance 10 miles. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 130 miles.