Friday Hike Schedule for March 2014

Last Revision 3/26/14


Leave from Safeway parking lot in Ashland promptly at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sun-screen and rain gear. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; RT = round trip; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway. 100 Hikes is 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, 3rd edition
Leader: Alex Maksymowicz: 541-482-1964.  Website:

March 7: Applegate Lake: Payette Tr from Manzanita TH to French Gulch (p. 157 in 100 Hikes)
TH: Take Hwy 238 from Jacksonville area to Ruch (8 mi); turn left onto Upper Applegate Rd and drive15 mi to the Applegate Lake dam; cross the dam and continue 1 mi to the French Gulch TH; leave a shuttle car; cross back over the dam and make a left onto the Upper Applegate Rd 7 mi to its end; turn left 1 mi, then right 1 mi onto access road to TH.  EDT: 75 min
Description: Walk along the shore of Applegate Lake for 4.5 mi; turn left onto the old road; take the usual route to French Gulch TH via the Osprey, Calsh, and Payette trails.
If there are insufficient participants for a shuttle, we will do a RT from Manzanita TH.
Distance: 7.5 mi; elevation gain: about 500 ft. Weather forecaast. RT mileage: 100 mi

March 14: Upper Table Rock
TH: Follow Table Rock Road (off Biddle Rd in Central Point) for 5.2 mi; turn right on Modoc Road for 1.5 mi to trailhead parking area; EDT: 45 min.
Description: Follow the trail to the top of the mesa, then walk along Meadowlark Lane past the radar station to the Sam’s Valley overlook; return to the frog pond for lunch.
Distance: 7 mi; elevation gain: 800 ft. Weather forecast. RT mileage: 50 miles

March 21: Rogue River Trail, east from Peyton Bridge to Hurd Creek (p. 88 in 100 Hikes—last paragraph)
TH: From Medford drive 35.5 mi on Hwy 62; turn left on Lewis Rd to Peyton Bridge TH parking area (east end of Lost Creek Lake); EDT: 75 min
Description: Follow undulating trail along the north shore of the Rogue River to the second of two impressive waterfalls; return same way. 
Distance: 6.5 miles RT; total elev. gain: 750 ft. Weather Forecast. RT mileage: 100 mi 

March 28: Bear Creek Greenway to Talent
TH: Ashland Safeway. I'm trotting out our standard rainy day hike, the Bear Creek Greenway from Ashland to Talent, returning by bus to Ashland.
Meet at the Ashland Safeway at 9 or at the Ashland Dog Park at the east end of Helman St at 9:20.  Note that the bus stops right opposite Safeway, but it goes nowhere near the Dog Park.  Distance: 6 - 7 miles, no elevation gain. Bring your rain gear if the sun isn't shining when you get up Friday morning.  Let Alex know ahead of time if you're planning to join the hike at the Dog Park in case there's a change of plan in the Safeway parking lot. Weather forecast.