Friday Hike Schedule for September 2013

Last Revision 8/11/13


Leave from the Safeway parking lot in Ashland at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sunscreen and rain gear as appropriate. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway.100 Hikes = 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, 3rd edition.
Coordinator: Alex Maksymowicz: 541-482-1964

Sept. 6: Pear Lake (Sky Lakes Wilderness) New Hike – leave at 8:30 AM
TH: Take DIM 22 miles to FS 37; turn left for about 8 miles to Hwy. 140; turn right for .2 miles to Butte Falls - Fish Lake Rd. (County 821), turn left for 8.8 miles. Turn right FS 37 for 9.8 miles. Turn right on NF3770 for 5.5 miles to the Saddle Campground TH.
EDT 90 min.
Description: Hike Blue Lake Canyon Trail (982) past Round Lake, Blue Lake, Horseshoe Lake and Pear Lake (swimming possible); Huckleberries bushes are abundant in this entire area. Return the same way. Distance: 6.5 miles; elev. gain: 675 feet. Weather forecast. RT driving mileage 120 miles.

Sept. 13: Squaw Meadow (Mt. Shasta) (p. 234 in 100 Hikes) - leave at 8:30 AM
TH: Take I-5 72 miles to Central Mt. Shasta (exit 738); drive thru town 1 mile, then go left on Everitt Memorial Hwy. 12.7 miles to Panther Meadows parking lot; EDT: 105 min.
Description: The Squaw Meadow loop starts out in an alpine meadow, climbs through some woods, and comes out on the rocky alpine slopes below Mt. Shasta; A short distance before getting back to the trailhead, make a left turn and do a round trip hike to the top of Gray Butte. (On a clear day, you can see Mt. Lassen from the top of Gray Butte.)
Distance: 6 miles; elev. gain: about 1500 feet. Weather Forecast. RT driving mileage: 180 miles.

Sept. 20: Sky Lakes via Cold Springs (p. 124 in 100 Hikes) - leave 8:30 AM
TH: take DIM to its end point at Hwy 140; turn right to milepost 41; turn left onto FS 3651 and follow it 10.1 miles to Cold Springs TH.  EDT: 90 min.
Description: woodland loop through multiple lakes in the Sky Lakes wilderness area; good chance for a swim in one of the lakes; ripe huckleberries are also a possibility.
Distance: 7 miles; elev. gain: 400 feet. Weather Forecast. RT driving mileage: 115 miles.

Sept. 27: Fish Lake Trail (p. 128 in 100 Hikes)
TH: Follow DIM 22 miles to FS 37; go left 7 miles to North Fork campground and leave shuttle car; continue to Hwy. 140 and go right for 5 miles to Summit Sno Park.
EDT: 60 min.
Description: Pick up PCT heading south; cross Hwy. 140 and continue to junction with High Lakes Trail; turn right onto High Lakes Trail and continue 6 miles past Fish Lake Resort to North Fork campground. (Look for Alex’s pole!)
Distance: 7 miles; elev. gain: 500 feet; Weather Forecast. RT driving mileage: 85 miles.