Wednesday Hike Schedule for June 2011

Last Revision 6/20/11

Leave from Safeway parking lot in Ashland at 9:00 AM unless otherwise indicated. Bring water, lunch, hat, sunscreen and rain gear. TH = trailhead; EDT = estimated drive time; PCT = Pacific Crest Trail; DIM = Dead Indian Memorial Highway. 100 Hikes = 100 Hikes in Southern Oregon, Second Edition

June 1: Rogue Gorge: Union Creek to Woodruff Bridge (p.86 in 100 Hikes) - Meet at 8:30 am. TH: Take Highway 62 east from Medford to Union Creek, parking in the lot just before Becky's; on the way, leave shuttle car at Woodruff Bridge; EDT: 90 min. Description: Follow Union Creek down to its junction with the Rogue River and from there follow the Rogue to Woodruff Bridge. It's springtime along the Rogue - dogwoods and other flowers should be in bloom. Distance: 7 miles; elevation gain: mostly downhill. RT mileage: 150 miles.

June 8: PCT from Old 99 to Pilot Rock.  TH: Take I-5 to the Mt. Ashland exit.  Proceed under I-5 to the PCT crossing. EDT: 30 min.  Description: follow the PCT towards Pilot Rock and return the same way.  Climbing Pilot Rock is optional (long pants recommended).  Distance 9 miles; climbing 1,500 feet (add 500 feet for a successful Pilot Rock summit). RT mileage: 30 miles

June 15: Sterling Mine Ditch Trail: Wolf Gap to Deming Gulch (p. 144 in 100 Hikes) New Hike TH:Up 99 to a left on Hartley Road in Talent. Right onto Colver Road for 0.4 miles. Left onto Pioneer and follow it to Griffin Creek Road. Left on Griffin Creek Road for 1.3 miles Straight onto Griffin Lane for 4.8 miles. Left onto Sterling Creek for 2.2 miles. Left onto BLM 39-2-8 for 1.0 mile (bearing left) to drop shuttle car at Deming Gulch TH. Continue on for 1.8 mile to the Wolf Gap TH.    EDT: 45 min. Description: The entire length of the Sterling Mine Ditch Trail is now open so we are going to give this long unused section a try. We will drop down about 800' from Wolf Gap through open woods to the Ditch Trail. From there it is relatively level following the ditch back to the car.  Distance: 9 miles; elevation loss: 800 feet. RT mileage: 60 miles.

June 22: Squaw Peak New Hike TH: From Ruch travel south on Upper Applegate Road to Applegate Dam; follow the road across the dam for 1.5 miles; turn left for 2 miles to French Gulch divide TH; EDT: 60 min. Description: We didn't make it to Squaw Peak in April when we came up the Charlie Buck trail. This time we are going to take the shortcut up Little Grayback. This will be a steady climb across the southern slopes of Little Grayback Mountain to the Squaw Peak summit; return the same way; watch out for graybacks (ticks) and poison oak. Distance: about 9 miles; elevation gain: about 1,800 feet; RT mileage: 100 miles

June 29: PCT: Hyatt Lake to Greensprings Summit Hike Leader: Alex "It never rains on my hikes" Maksymowicz TH: Hwy 66 17.5 miles to Greensprings Inn; left 3 miles to PCT; leave shuttle car at Greensprings Summit on the way up; EDT: 45 min. Description: Hiking Group's ACTUAL Tenth Anniversary Hike. Walk along PCT thru flower-filled woods and meadows. A portion of the trail is new this year where the PCT has been rerouted to pass through a more scenic section as it goes out around Greensprings Mountain. Alex started the Hiking Group out with an abbreviated version of this hike on June 27, 2001. Distance: about 7.4 miles; elevation gain: 1,200 feet. RT mileage: 45 miles.