New Hike @ Steve's 40 acres + Lost Creek Falls + Lost Lake 5-30-22

Photos by Jerry and Leslie

Track downloads from Jerry:   Steve's 40 Acres 5-30-22.gpx and Lost Creek Falls Lookout  5-30-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Lots of rain at 5,000' over the weekend threw a wrench into our originally planned hike, but what we came up with on the fly might have been even better. The meadow we were going to walk through to get to Steve's was flooded, so instead we drove directly to the camp with ample parking. 

It was chilly in the 30s, but we were bundled up in layers as Joe Senter gave us a tour around the seasonal lake and in the nearby forest.

We viewed the local plants including Morel mushrooms, Bleeding Heart, Prairie Smoke and many more. And our Birders spotted sparrows, small ducks, Junco and Kildare; to name a few.

After completing a circuit and returning to the camp,  we settled down for a leisurely lunch around the campfire.

We all thanked Steve and Joe for their hospitality with a promise to return again in the summer.

Then we headed back down DIM to do the short hike out to Lost Creek Falls, which are currently full.

We followed the creek as it meandered through the lush valley. Spring flowers adorned the trail and into the forest and along the cliffs out from the falls.

Perhaps giddy with the robust falls and the brilliant floral aray the group wanted to press on another 3/4 mile along the canyon trail to the overview of Lost Lake. It was a bit of an uphill slog to the top, but everyone made it up there for a great view of the lake and the valley descending back down.

The afternoon sun broke through the clouds and warmed us up.

On the day, we covered 5.6 miles and everyone seemed to have a nice time.

With June around the corner, we'll explore more hikes into California.

Happy Trails,