Sterling Mine Ditch - South From Armstrong Gulch 4-5-13

After Lynn's vehicle had completed an unplanned scenic tour, we all met up at the Armstrong Gulch trailhead and took our group photo while the sun was still shining.  The weather did cloud up during the hike, but aside from some almost imperceptible sprinkles after lunch remained dry. 

Lots of flowers along the trail provided the needed color.  Excitement at the end of the hike, after all but three laggards had returned to the vehicles.  Three gunshots rang out, and Betty assured the rest of the group that that was the end of Alex, Lillian, and Janet.  Fortunately, they made it back to the road unscathed despite the steady barrage of close-by gunfire that followed the first three misses.  Thumbs up for tree cover! 

In order to avoid the very unhappy looking waitress that served us at the Country Club last Friday, we opted to have refreshments at the coffee shop in Jacksonville.  Here a very cheerful barrista not-to-be promptly announced that this was her first day on the job, that she didn't know what she was doing, and that she had so far failed to come to terms with the computer (cash register).  After she repeated these assurances a second time and started on the third round, another barrista rescued us, and the newbie vanished from behind the counter, hopefully never to return.  Obviously, high tech is not the only area that needs more skilled workers.

Group on Sterling Mine Ditch