Sterling Mine Ditch - Deming TH Out and Back 12-14-22

Photos by Francie

Track download from Francie: Deming TH Out and Back 12-14-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

Today the plan was to do a shuttle hike along the Sterling Mine Ditch trail from Wolf Gap to Deming Gulch. As we headed up the road, we could see that there had been some recent logging done along the road. We passed the Deming Gulch trailhead and started towards Wolf Gap. The road had a lot of wood and bark debris and was in a roughed up condition. We encountered a woman coming back towards us and she said that there was heavy equipment in the road but they would likely let us through. We decided to not take our chances and turned around and went back down to Demming Gulch.

It was around 36 degrees when we started hiking but we knew that we would be above the fog. In no time at all we could see clear blue sky. We decided to hike around 4ish miles until we found a sunny spot for lunch. Since there was very little elevation, we kept a fast pace. We stopped after 4.25 miles and had lunch.

On the return back, we stopped at the metal sign with all the mountains and tried to pick which mountain was which. We arrived back at our cars and then back to Ashland by 2:45pm.