Sterling Mine Ditch - Deming Grifin 12-19-22

Photos by Bob

Ashland Hiking Home

We headed out on a 28o day. We left a shuttle car on Griffin Lane and the 7 of us piled into the Highlander with 2 in the third row. The forest road up to Demming Gulch was a bit slippery and we met a logging truck on the way. 

The Sterling Mine Ditch Trail was in good shape and we made fast time, perhaps too fast. We climbed up to the bench on the way to the Jackash Trail and stopped for lunch. By this time the ice was melting and we started to hit some mud on the trail. We continued up towards Grub Gulch and turned left onto the Jackash Trail and then down to Griffin Lane. After the flat portion of the Mine Ditch we got in some good ascent and it was a good all around hike. 

Afterwards we did wine and cheese.