Pacifica/ Garden & Nursery (Williams) 12-5-22

Photos by Kate, Mary, Patricia and Randy

Track download from Randy:  Pacifica Hike 12-5-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Monday was a truly special day, as the weather cooperated, the new hike was great, the plant nursery had lots to offer and finishing with pie at Pennington Farms was a perfect ending.

Pacifica, A Garden in the Siskiyous off Water Gap Road near Williams, is a pastoral place with horses in the fields and waterfowl including ring-necked Ducks and Canada Geese in the 4 ponds. The trail rises through the hills then circles the entire property for 5+ miles and about 300' of gain. It's a good year round hike which we'll visit again in the Spring or early Summer when the wildflowers are out.

Our 11 hikers were eager to explore this new hike and the calm weather eventually brightened our day.

We took a leisurely lunch just off the trail, then enjoyed various artworks of either welded metal or carved wood on our way back towards the TH.

After the hike,we decided to visit the nursery which has about 12 greenhouses heated by the afternoon sun. Liz filled up a box with new plants for her garden, which included festive red and green leafed Nandina.

We completed our special day with a visit to Pennington Farms just a 4 minute drive from Pacifica. We all enjoyed fruit pies and turnovers and brought some back for partners to try.

Happy Trails!

Update: Here's Kay's complete listing of bird sightings: ring-necked duck, bufflehead, wigeon, double-crested cormorant, kingfisher, California scrub jay, crow.