Jacksonville Woodlands 4-22-22

Photos by Kay

Ten of us enjoyed hiking in the Jacksonville Woodlands, never tiring of that beautiful and educational system of trails. And, of course, this is a perfect time of year for wildflowers. We saw Giant Trillium (White Wake-Robin), Scarlet Bleeding Hearts, Scarlet Fritillary, Larkspur, Mariposa Lilly, Henderson Shooting Stars, Balsamroot, Miners’ Lettuce, and Hound’s Tongue.

Our route took us from the Library up to the Zigler Interpretive Trail, along the Jackson Forks Trail, and the Panorama Point. After snacks and pictures, we headed back down to the Chinese Digging Trail and through the Beebe Woods across the street and along residential properties into the Beekman Woods, coming out on California Street to meander the town and end for lunch at La Fiesta. Distance traveled was about 4 ½ miles.