Forest Park Loop West 12-12-22

Photos by Janet and John E.

Track download from John E.: Forest Park Loop West 12-12-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

John E. led a great hike in the Forest Park, about 7.5 miles and a lot of ascent. There was 1,400 feet of elevation change and a lot of ascent on the way down as we wandered from trail to trail going up and down. We probably did 2,000 + feet of ascent.

John had an app with the trails but there had been rerouting of trails so it didn't always work. Many trail junctions had maps posted. The signage wasn't as good as last week on the other side of the park. It turned out to be a good hike with good weather. 

Today's loop featured 9 trails over 7.5 miles. Actual trails hiked were Old Miners Trail- Owl Hoot- Madrone Grove- Twin Peaks- Atsahu- Arrowhead Pass- Shade Creek- Canyon Falls- Boulder Trail- back to Old Miners. [John E.]