Anderson Ridge 8-5-2022

Photos by Carol

Ashland Hiking Home

We relied on a bit of elevation to make the hike doable and it worked. Most of the hike was in the low 80's and by the time it got hotter coming back, a nice breeze had picked up. 

There was no smoke on the ridge but some down below us. 

I took elevation readings and got 4,250' at the TH, 5,000' at the ridge and 4,750' at the lunch spot. 

After Janet wrote an article about the PCT and trail names, we undertook to establish trail names by lunch time. So

Janet:  Rattler, because she rattles on
Jean:   Dragon Fly
Carol:  Mockingbird    
John:   Yoddah

A nice hike on the ridge as usual and we capped it off with a glass of wine, at Pebblestone.