High Lakes Trail - Out and Back from Fish Lake 11-16-22 

Photos by Francie, Jerry and Keeley

Track download from Keeley:  High Lakes Trail 111-16-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Twelve of us headed to Fish Lake to hike the High Lakes trail from Fish Lake to Lake of the Woods.  The sun was out and it was 30 degrees in the shade but a beautiful day.  There was some snow on the ground, but I was hoping that as we got closer to the Lava Fields the snow would have melted.  However, it turned out to be just the opposite. 

We hit some areas of 2 to 4 inch snow on the path, but it was ok for hiking.  However, when we got close to the Lava fields, the snow was closer to 8 - 10 inches deep.  We started trading off breaking trail (but without snowshoes) and found a good place for lunch with a terrific view of Mt. McLoughlin.

Lunch was very relaxing.  We were in the sun and had a great views.  However, given that the trail would be probably be more of the same deep snow, we decided to head back to Fish Lake.  Everyone had a good time.  It felt good to get outside and play in the snow with friends.  Next time I will set this hike up earlier.