Greenway: Medford to Jackson County Expo 2-26-18

As we woke to lots of fresh snow on the ground who knew that it was going to be one of those switch-a-roo days? But sometimes there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. With more than 15 inches of new snow overnight in the Cascades, John decided for safety reasons we shouldn't be leading a caravan up Hwy 140. Good thinking! So one more time we reached in and pulled that tired old rabbit out of our hiking hat. We decided to do the fourth and final part of this year's Bear Creek Greenway hike.

Our party of four piled into John's trusty Toyota and we were off to brave morning traffic in Medford. After driving around looking for a space that allowed more than 2 hours parking, we settled on the downtown parking garage and began walking back over to the  Hawthorne Park Greenway. Since we were dressed for below freezing temps, we were snug as we headed north up the path and out of Medford. The farther north we went the warmer it got until it hit a spring like 40oF above Central Point.

Our plan was to reach the end of the trail at Dean Creek Road but by the time we reached the Jackson County Expo fairgrounds our stomachs were growling so loud that we barely could hear the traffic on I-5. So after a group shot at the pond by the Expo we turned back towards Central Point for lunch at the Mazatlan excellent Mexican Restaurant. A great way to end 10 miles of brisk walking!

Special thanks to George, our guardian bicyclist, who found Liz's dropped phone on the path and caught up and returned it to her on Pine Street. (Thanks to Sunny for posting her pictures of snow shoeing in Lithia Park.) And thanks to Jean, who let me know that 8 more miles of Greenway are planned from the Ashland Dog Park out to Emigrant Lake. Another future hike for the AHG.

Monday's canceled snow shoe hike has been rescheduled for March.


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