Bear Creek Greenway - Ashland to Valley View 2-4-19

The leaders of the Monday Ashland Hiking Group do not believe in canceling hikes due to weather. So when the forecast for the Lower Rogue lowered to a high of 29o and 3 inches of snow we decided to switch the hike to the Greenway. It’s the ace we keep up our sleeve.

That being said, Monday morning in Ashland did not disappoint with our first real snow in two years. But unfortunately only five hikers took advantage of this rare opportunity. But thanks to Denise we got to meet first time hiker Anna who’s new to Ashland. We had a good fall of snow the first hour or so and then it slowed and finally stopped before we reached El Tapatio Mexican restaurant. Along the route we picked up Mike and Nanci waiting across from North Mountain Park.

Actually you could think of this leg of the Greenway as a park walk. We went by in order Hunter Park, Garfield Park, North Mountain Park, Ashland Creek Park, and of course the Dog Park!

Lunch was a delight as we had all worked up healthy appetites from six miles on a glorious snow day.


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