Bear Creek Greenway - Blue Heron Park to Medford 12-23-22

Photos by Janet

Ashland Hiking Home

It was a hardy four hikers who headed out from Blue Heron Park on a nice day with temperatures in the 40's. Others had been deterred by the previous weather, lacking our hiking zeal. 

Within minutes of leaving the Park we spotted a blue heron on a branch overlooking Bear Creek. Our photographers zoomed in with their smartphones. We kept on meeting blue herons all the way to Medford so either the same heron thought us good luck, or he had relatives along with him. We also dropped by the nature center next to the Harry and David Fields.

We eventually trundled through a homeless camp into Medford. The mess was much less than last year so the City must have taken action. The murals under the I-5 viaduct were quite spectacular. 

The Crackin' & Stackin' breakfast lived up to its reputation and we dined well. 

After a half mile walk back to the bus terminal we jumped on the #10 bus to Ashland and got off at Blue Heron Park. The 6.7 miles was much better than 9+ last year from Talent, given it is all on hard surfaces. 

Another fun day.