Hike to Buck Rock Tunnel 12-12-22

Photos by Kate, Randy and Rich

Ashland Hiking Home

Our hike to Buck Rock Tunnel had some weather related interruptions. As we left Rite Aid for the TH just 10 miles southeast of Ashland the weather was cloudy and in the mid 30s. Most of our 9 were dressed for the cold.

As we got within 3 miles of the TH we started to get a mist on our windshields that quickly turned to rain as we turned up Emigrant Creek Road. Halfway up the 2 miles to parking we started seeing some snow on the road.

At the parking we were greeted by a light snow falling.

The old BLM road leading up to the tunnel was covered in 1-3 inches of snow. As we climbed up the road I stopped twice to assess the mood of the group as the snow deepened. We were hiking and not snowshoeing to the old train tunnel project.

About halfway up the 800' incline to the tunnel's west portal four of us decided to head back with the promise to return next year when the snow was gone. The remaining 5 found the tunnel entrance and 10 inches of snow!

The fresh snow made for a beautiful winter wonderland with pure white on the trail and snow dramatically outlining the branches on the trees. It was an awe inspiring special sight.

By the time we left parking the temperature had risen into the 40s and the snow on the road had melted.

Our two groups met up again at the Rogue Valley Roasting Co. for coffee and conversation.

Note: We welcomed Cindy, a new member of the AHG, who recently moved to Ashland from San Jose with husband Jeff and four children.

Happy Holidays!