Greenhorn Park - Yreka 4-19-23

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

With another week of undetermined weather, we met at Rite Aid at 9:00 AM to pick our best option. We decided since Yreka had a forecast of sun, to hike in Greenhorn park. Barry drove us up and over the Siskiyou summit as we watched snow falling. Shortly into California, the skies cleared a bit and we were met with some sunshine.

We arrived at the park and determined to go in a counterclockwise direction up the Miner's Trail. When we got to the top we headed on the Humbug Trail and saw a few wildflowers. We headed back down Humbug Trail and connected at the Big Ditch Trail.

We took our lunch at a large picnic table next to some horseshoe pits. After Lunch, we headed around Greenhorn Reservoir on the Veteran's Memorial Trail and saw many birds. We crossed a wooden bridge and then completed the trip around the reservoir. We then took the Gold Pan Trail and back over to the Miners Trail and looked at an old blacksmith's shop, cottage house and an Assay Office where gold had been tested for purity. We also saw some old gold milling equipment.