Greenhorn Park Yreka 3-27-24

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

Seven hikers came out in the rainy weather. We drove over the Siskiyou pass to Yreka to Greenhorn Park. The parking lot had a bathroom and a covered area with a bench. Bob was first to have the idea of changing into his rain gear while under cover.

As we started out on the Miner's trail, we noticed that they had added an 18 hole disc golf course. This was inspired by 3 brother-in-laws and a great group of friends. Greenhorn Disc Golf Club has a weekly league on Thursdays.

From the Miner's Trail, we connected to the Flume Trail. We then took the switchback onto the Humbug Trail. Along the trail we saw the start of some blooming flowers. One we could not identify and some yellow violets and also some Fritillaria Pudica aka Yellow Bells.

A little before 11 A.M., the rain stopped for only about 10 minutes. Most of the hike we were in light showers. We stopped for an early lunch at the Lower Greenhorn Picnic Area. I think we would have called this a half a Hank lunch because it was so short. After lunch, I shared the last of the Chocolate that Michael B had provided.

We continued around Greenhorn Reservoir and saw Red Winged Black Birds, some ducks and some geese. As we made our way around to the spillway, we saw an Osprey in flight right over the water. From there, it flew up and perched high up in a tree. It was studying something and then we saw it take off again.

We continued on the Veteran's Memorial Trail and to the mining equipment and building display. From there we headed back to the bathroom and used the bench and stayed covered while we removed our rain gear. We were back to our cars by a little after 12:15. It was a short 4 mile hike with only 600 feet of elevation gain.