Plan B: Enchanted Forest 11-7-22

Photos by John

Ashland Hiking Home

Today proved we are flexible. We climbed the pass on Highway 238 out of Jacksonville and were met by snow falling and some accumulation. It continued for miles but we decided it would end as we descended. After Ruch that happened and we were confident that Willaimas would be snow free, which it was. Then we hit the dirt road up to the Layron Mine Ditch TH and our world changed. After climbing a few hundred feet we found ourselves in a real snow storm, with the snow getting deeper and the road deteriorating. By the time we got to the TH it was apparent we were not going to do this hike. We managed to turn around and escape on a slippery surface, with deep ruts in the road making it even more exciting. 

Someone suggested doing Enchanted Forest and off we went. We arrived to a light snowfall and some snow here and there. The trail was in decent shape, with a few slippery places on downhill portions. The foliage was colorful. Some smaller trees were bent over the trail from the weight of snow. All in all the forest was very attractive. We arrived at the monument (drum roll) to find ourselves in sunshine as the fog had burned off. The return to the TH was in sunshine. 

After the hike we went over to Troon Vineyard, took up a collection, and ordered their unique amber wine. We were undecided as to its merits as it is so different from other wines. They treated us well and it was a happy group that headed home.