East Applegate Ridge 8-21-23

Photos by Rich and Sunny

Ashland Hiking Home

We hiked the East Applegate Trail Monday and it turned out to be another good hike. I made the start time change to 8:30 because the weather forecast predicted high temps in the 80s, so we started early to avoid heat on the trail. And, as it turned out, we had temps in the 60s to 70s due to cloud cover, shade and a refreshing breeze along the way.

Six of us got to the TH at 9:15 joined there by Gary. After filling out the hike registry for the AHG 7 we headed up the E.ART 3.5 miles to our lunch spot.

It was smokey and hazy from the ongoing fires but not so bad that any of us doned smoke masks. We could eventually see down into the Applegate valley through the haze but not into California on this day.

Lunch was interrupted  when Sunny got stung by an underground based Hornet. We soon were heading back when about halfway to the TH she was stung again!
Stopping at the new Port of Mazatlan Restaurant at Exit 24 post hike, she used ice from her Margarita to sooth her wounds.

While hiking the East Applegate Trail, I had thoughts back to 2017 when John Kerr and I hiked this first section of the new Jack Ash Trail and introduced it to the Ashland Hiking Group. Now there is a new map at the TH that shows the future of the 90 mile trail system that will run from Lithia Park in Ashland to Cathedral Hills in Grants Pass.

Happy Trails,