East Applegate Ridge 4-12-24

Photos by Elisabeth

Ashland Hiking Home

We enjoyed welcoming a new hiker and some who’ve not been with us for some time. Fourteen (14) of us hiked the East Applegate Trail from the TH to the high point round trip, totaling 5½ miles with 700’ elevation gain. It was an overcast day but not so much as to obscure beautiful views across the landscape to the south and west of the Siskiyou mountain range with many peaks and buttes, some with ample snow cover. The floor cover along the trail was covered with a panoply of beautiful wildflowers in full bloom. Among them: Western Butter Cup, Fiddleneck, Crains Bill, Shooting Star, Fawn Lilly, Blue Dick, Fritillaria (Red Bell), Oregon Grape, Whiteleaf Manzanita, California Poppy, Cat’s Ear, Miner’s Lettuce, Desert Parsley, Lupine, and Popcornflower.  We enjoyed lunch, and of course chocolate, assembled along a log off the spur trail at the crest. With rain in the forecast for later in the day, we barely escaped it on the trail. With due respect for hikers, it held off until we were in our cars headed home. It was a magnificent hike at the right time of year.