East Applegate Ridge 4-12-23

Photos by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

When we met at the Jacksonville Library, it was snowing just a little bit. We headed up to the Sterling Creek side of the EART. It was partly cloudy and we could see some fresh snow on the trail. The views are always amazing to look out across the Applegate Valley.

As we traveled along, we went by the “monster tree” and could see that limbs were falling off and it wasn't looking like the scary snag it once had. We took a short break at the bench, then continued on down to the BLM road. We headed back up and took in the scenery as the wind calmed down for our lunch.

I discovered I had lost my z-pad and asked hikers from another group if they had seen it. We then headed back to the car and discovered my pad was still in the parking lot. We were happy to have such nice weather condtions to hike in.