East Applegate Ridge Trail 2-14-24

Photos by Francie and Sherry

Ashland Hiking Home

We had four diehard hikers come out in the rain. Sherry, and Michael from Texas drove together so I wouldn't have to return to Ashland and we met Scott at the trailhead.

We started our hike on the uphill in a drizzle of rain. The clouds were low and it kept the temperature on the colder side in the low 40s. We got up to the first place with a view and Michael thought it was amazing. I told him it was, but when the low clouds are gone, the view is even more impressive. As we continued along, we chuckled at the fact that there were multiple signs that said Trail. We could not see anywhere that someone could get lost and thought it was a bit of overkill.

We saw some mushrooms and some flowers already starting to bloom. Shortly after going by the bench, we saw that the snag we call the monster tree is no longer scary as it has most of the limbs broken off. We hiked all the way to the other end and had our lunch. Scott and Michael were gentlemen and ate by the picnic bench while Sherry and I took cover under the sign board. We took our group photo there since it was the only place out of the rain. Instead of having chocolate, I shared some Valentine's Day sugar cookies. We returned to our cars by 3:00 PM and had hiked 10.63 miles.