East Applegate Ridge 10-17-22

Photos by Jerry and Patricia

Track download from Jerry: East Applegate Ridge 10-17-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

After postponing the hike due to smoke from the Cedar Creek fire, then seeing 5 days of poor air quality in the forecast, Monday arrived in sunshine with clear skies and clean air; with temps from 60s to 70s.

A great day for hiking!

This favorite hike is part the the Jack Ash Trail system and makes for a pleasant hike in both Spring and Fall.

But with the Fall hillsides dry and the leaves  beginning to turn from green to gold, I couldn't help thinking how lucky we've been to avoid the danger of wildfires on our hikes. Of course, careful scheduling helps with that.

Our group of nine were all very happy to welcome back Liz from weeks of vacationing in the bay area, Washington state and Alberta, Canada.

On the day, we hiked  7.2 miles roundtrip and gained  539'.

We regathered post hike in Jacksonville at Boomtown.

Happy Trails,