Denman Wildlife Area 5-9-22

Photos by Jerry, Patricia and Randy

Track download from Jerry: Denman Wildlife Area 5-9-22.gpx

With the top thousand feet of Grizzly Peak buried under snow, we were challenged to come up with a hike for Monday morning. Seems in the last six weeks we've all witnessed Climate Change in full force in Southern Oregon with Winter refusing to yield to Spring. But, out of our back pocket we pulled out a new hike at Denman Wildlife Area near the base of Upper Table Rock. This little known but large expanse of land along the Rogue River in White City made for an ideal hike.

Popular with outdoors sportsmen and birders, Denman works as a 6 mile  mostly level hike, when radical weather shuts down the higher elevations. While completing a loop that starts in TouVelle State Park, we had a good view of Upper Table Rock and the rushing Rogue River.

Along our route we saw wild flowers and birds (also ground squirrels and rabbits). Some of the plant life included the White Campion plants , yellow flowering Sumac vines, pink Bleeding Hearts 😁, and two Giant White Wake Robin Trillium... also various mushrooms.

For the birders, we saw Yellow Warblers by the river 😊, also, Robins, woodpeckers, Canada Geese, and perhaps a female Bluebird.

This area was used for military training during WWII when it was part of Camp White (Army). And there were still several ammo bunkers (hopefully empty😒) on the grounds.

The threatening weather forecast never materialized and we had a pleasant lunch on the banks of the Rogue at the confluence with Little Butte Creek.

Another good day on the trail,