New Wonder Trail 11-26-22

Photos by Elisabeth and Richard

Ashland Hiking Home

Thirteen turkey-stuffed Friday Moderate hikers headed up the Wonder Trail, taking the multiple switchbacks one at a time to those beautiful long stretches across the mountainside by ravines revealing huge granite boulders from Mt. Ashland millions of years ago.

We enjoyed many varieties of trees: madrones, fireproof ponderosa pines and Douglas firs. Approaching our resting area, we were treated by a view of Mt. Ashland and it’s early snow. It was fun to share stories of our Thanksgiving festivities and families.

Then we reflected on this Friday after Thanksgiving, our Annual Native American Heritage Day. Elisabeth shared a bit of history about the many endeavors to acknowledge Indian or Native American Heritage over the years between 1916--when New York designated it a state holiday (leading to other states doing the same)—to 1990 when George W. Bush designated the month of November as National Native American Month, to 2009 when President Obama added to it a declaration that the Friday after Thanksgiving would be an annual Native American Heritage Day.

We then hiked on up the lower Wonder trail to its intersection and looped back down the USFS Road 2060 for a total of 4.6 miles and elevation gain/loss of 800’.