Trans-Ashland - Oredson-Todd Woods to Lithia Park 3-6-23

Photos by Bob, Patrician and Randy

Track download from Randy:  Trans Ashland 3-6-23.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

For the most part, our Monday group of 14 hikers got a break  from the falling snow that has invaded the Rogue Valley in February and into March. We even had some occasional sun during our hike across Ashland. 😎 

As we pulled into the TH for the Oredson-Todd Woods we started to see snow on the trail which would become a theme for today's hike. And hard packed snow becomes ice on the trail! O-T Woods with lots of shade is perfect for preserving snow.

We took it slow on icy trails across Ashland and most of us remained upright through the hike.👍

This local hike that we've been leading for several years features 4 parks (3 public and one private neighborhood park). The private park was discovered years back when the gate on the TID was closed to hikers, so we turned down Paradise Lane and found Duncan's Garden at the corner of Peachey. Developed by the Duncans it has a nice access trail and a creek running through the property.

Some aerobic uphills follow getting back to the TID and also into the Liberty Street Public Park, which comes out on Morton Street. We were meandering through the Ashland hills with the TID as our guide line.

Waterline Road goes from snow packed trail to paved street with the last steep uphill before descending into Lithia Park. On Waterline we stopped to say hello to Steve (of 40 acres up DIM Road fame). Steve is recovering from shoulder surgery, but again invites AHG members for hikes and wildflower walks around his pristine property. While there, Randy snapped a garden figurine that could inspire another Disney Star Wars spinoff, "Baby Jabba!"😀 Ha!

Going down the Witz End Trail we entered Lithia Park by the Swimming Reservoir where our group picture was taken. We then took the upper trail past the big water tank and were soon in snow and ice again.😒

Tired of dealing with the slippery trail we headed down to the main trail by Ashland Creek. We had hiked 6+ miles and gained about 800' through the Ashland hills.

Our thoughts quickly turned to lunch and Skouts seemed to be the popular choice with their rotating beer menu and hardy pub food. We found a long table by the open air entrance and managed to squeeze everybody in for a fun lunch time.

Afterwards we walked to the plaza bus stop and took the #10 bus down to the corner of Tolman Creek and Ashland Street. As we got out we noticed it was just starting to snow.😊

Happy Trails,