Toothpick and Gyre Loop – 10-7-22

Photos by Kay and Tysen

Ashland Hiking Home

It’s less than a 4-mile drive from Rite-Aid up Tolman Creek Road to the Toothpick trailhead.  Where we started our hike through dense stands of Douglas Fir, it is always special to be in this wooded sanctuary.  

We were a group of 17 friendly hikers that hiked up the Toothpick trail passing dogwoods with pink fall colors to the Lamb Saddle.  From there we headed up the Caterpillar Trail and at the top of the ridge we turned left onto the Gyre Trail.  We found the new trail signs with simple maps of the Gyre, Gimble and Lewis Lookout trails a welcome addition. 

After walking along the ridge, we turned left up the Gyre loop trail climbing to the top of the hill.  The switchbacks provide a good workout.  We enjoyed a lunch break on the top of the hill with views of Mt. Ashland and the Ashland Creek drain below.   After snacks and chocolate, we completed the Gyre Loop trail and returned downhill via Caterpillar and Toothpick. 

Total distance hiked – 5.4 miles. “Twas brillig and slithy toves, Did gyre and gimble in the wabe”, from Lewis Carroll poem “Jabberwocky”.  And we did.