Ashland Watershed - White Rabbit - Caterpilar - Toothpick - Catwalk - Marty's 11-9-22

Photos by Bob and Jerry

Track download from Jerry: Ashland Watershed 11-9-22.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

Nine of us took advantage of Wednesday’s rain free forecast and ventured into the Ashland Watershed in search of the snowline.  We eliminated 1,000’ of elevation by parking at the White Rabbit trailhead at 3,150’, and headed up familiar trails (White Rabbit to Catapillar and Toothpick) to pick up the Catwalk Trail.  Catwalk Trail is part of Ashland’s Crest to Peak trail system, but also permits downhill bikes.  The trail climbs 900’ to 4,300’ where it intersects Marty’s trail.  (We found the snow line at about 4000’.)   

We had a quick snack under snow/ice dropping firs and then started our descent back to the cars.  The hike was a relatively quick 6.2 mile, 1,760’ vertical jaunt.  However, by the end of the hike my upper thighs were burning as if I skied hard for a full day.  Both the uphill on Catwalk and the downhill on Marty’s were steep. 

Of course, the scenery was spectacular.  What a blessing to live in an area that has wonderful forests, four seasons and late fall colors with snow.  Speaking of snow, I was fairly confident that an inch or two of snow would keep Wednesday biking to zero.  In fact, we were surprised by a group of 3 downhill bikers on the upper, snow-covered section of Cutback, and then 4 additional bikers at the top of Cutback conversing on how to progress down the snowy path.  No bikes on Marty’s.