Ashland Watershed - Red Queen Trail 12-2-22

Photos by Elisabeth and Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Nine of our Moderate Hikers spent a wonderful morning together hiking up and around in our watershed on the Red Queen Trail on a crisp sunny day. We covered 4 miles RT with an elevation gain of 886’.

Starting out, it was bitter cold. Layers of clothes kept us comfortable. Snow graced our trail from start to finish. We turned around when it became clear that proceeding any higher would have us on icy ground suitable for YakTraks.

The manzanita, madrone, oak, and various evergreen trees were beautifully dusted with snow. Frozen little branches made the hillsides look like blankets of white lace.

Our group is very observant and appreciates highlighting special phenomena in nature. Kris pointed out an example of sublimation as the snow coverage disappeared during our hike [Definition of “sublimate:” To pass directly from the solid to the vapor state and condense back to the solid state]. Mabrie drew our attention to the ‘steam’ rising from the snowy ground as the sun hit the cold earth, creating an ethereal presence before the snow dusted mountains rising on the distant horizon. Winter has arrived in Ashland.