Ashland Watershed - Lower Red Queen to White Rabbit 1-20-23

Photos by Sunny

Ashland Hiking Home

I looked at the cold weather and decided not to use the intended route to the TH for Lewis Loop. It might be entirely too icy. Instead we parked on Waterline and the intended TH became our destination.

We climbed up using 4 different trails and it worked out well. The trails were in pretty good shape, mainly bare,  with the odd patch of ice here and there. The weather improved and we were soon in relatively warm sunshine with the sun shining on the snow through the forest. 

We arrived at the White Rabbit parking lot (intended TH) and it was icy. The wisdom of our decision to change routes seemed to be confirmed by a complete absence of vehicles. We continued down Alice in Wonderland and connected with the trails back to Waterline. 

Turned out to be a great day with plenty of ascent and nice views. 

Most of us had lunch at Louie's.