Oredson-Todd Woods to White Rabbit 1-23-23

Photos by Sunny

Ashland Hiking Home

A beautiful day in Ashland with a forecast for extreme winds on Mount Ashland prompted a change of plans. We settled on a choice of joining Rich’s group to snowshoe at Buck Prairie or a Trans-Ashland hike. Four members opted for snowshoeing and five for hiking.

The hike started at the Oredson-Todd trailhead, proceeded to and up the Mike Uhtoff trail to the White Rabbit Trail summit. Our intent was to proceed on to the White Rabbit Trail parking lot and then hike back to the vehicle.  Unfortunately icy trail conditions beyond the summit forced us to turn back and hike down the White Rabbit Trail to the Oredson-Todd trail, and then on to our vehicle at the trailhead.  

It was an absolutely gorgeous day with great views of Ashland and the valley below from numerous spots on the trail. Although a short hike (only 5 miles), it was a wonderful time with friends on the trail.