New Wonder Trail to Fell on Knee 9-19-22

Photos by Jerry

Track download by Jerry: New Woder Trail 9-19-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

The day started with rain predicted by our phone apps, but not a drop fell from the skies over Ashland. The group was ready for a climb through the watershed.

In Upper Lithia Park we welcomed back Tony and Kate from their extended travel adventures. Tony from climbing in the Himalayas to near 20,000' and then in the Scottish Highlands before returning to the Rogue Valley; and Kate riding cross country in AmTrak to New England with all the perils of that journey.

So our hike up the New Wonder Trail was a calm relaxing exercise up to Fell on Knee for lunch under partly sunny skies.

On the way Tony suggested a downhill hike after lunch that would deposit us on his deck for post hike refreshments. We all agreed this was a great idea, as our hike energy was high and we were in the mood for new hiking adventures.

We headed out and down on the lower Fell on Knee trail that brought us to the Upper Hitt Rd trail which we took down to Strawberry Lane and eventually to Tony's Nutley Street neighborhood. After a relaxing time on the deck listening to all the birds, ride arrangements were made to connect hikers with their cars back in Lithia Park.

It was a very fine day,

Note: For all those thinking it's time to get back to a hiking routine, may I suggest the New Wonder Trail is perfect for gradually increasing your distance and elevation gain. And the TH is ideal being located at the top of Upper Lithia Park parking.