Ashland Watershed - Lewis Loops 1-9-23

Photos by Jerry, Kate, Patricia, Randy and Rich

 Ashland Hiking Home

We moved back our snowshoe hike due to iffy weather; and were rewarded with a beautiful day on top of Lewis Loop. After taking a scouting drive up to Pederson with icy roads the last two miles and a forecast for blizzard conditions on Monday, I decided to move up the hike to Lewis Loop.

The Southern Oregon portion of the "Pineapple Express" came to a temporary halt as the sun broke through the clouds.
When we arrived at the TH parking the morning sun was just starting to shine through. We started the climb up the Caterpillar Trail with hope for a nice day. We began to call ourselves 10 "Happy Hikers!" And the trail was in decent shape because the sand and gravel soaked up the recent rain.

The week's rain had cleared the air and gave us great views on the trail including sunlight on massive Madrones.

But as we hiked out to the picnic table at the lookout, we started getting some light drizzles, which turned to sun showers, but the warming sun finally stopped the rain for the rest of the day.

Coming back from the lookout, we did the long uphill hike to the top of Lewis Loop. Great cardiovascular exercise and a nice sunny spot for lunch. On the way up we realized we could see the top of Wagner Butte through the evaporating clouds. We had a relaxing lunch and shared Fig Newtons, chocolate and cheese all around.

On the day we hiked about 6 miles with about 1,000' of gain.

Returning to parking, we all decided to stop by the Rogue Valley Roasting Co. for coffee, tea, ice cream and beers. We were a jubilant group celebrating our sunny hike in January.

Wishing you all a happy 2023,