Hitt Road and Fell on Knee Trails - Ashland Watershed 2-17-23

Photos by Mary

Ashland Hiking Home

Hikers: Sunny Anderson, Mike Sanson, Martha Ingles, Joe Senter, Carol Mockridge and Mary Kwart

At approximately 9:30, we hiked from Birdsong Lane in Ashland up Hitt Road to the “Fell on Knee” trail, then around “Fell on Knee” back to Hitt Road, then back down to our cars on Birdsong Lane by around 1:00 PM. It was about 6.3 miles with 1,378 feet of elevation gain.

We had a mostly a gradual climb with some level sidehilling on “Fell on Knee”. Weather was sunny and cold with no wind. There were some very shallow patches of snow from the Tuesday snowstorm, but they were not an impediment.

We stopped for a few short breaks to look out on great views of Ashland and Mt. Ashland.

Joe and Mary went to Oak Tree restaurant for lunch afterwards. Everyone else went on their way.