Hald-Strawberry Park and Ditch Trail 1-13-23

Photos by Elisabeth

Ashland Hiking Home

Avoiding wet snow for snowshoeing and muddy trails at Emigrant Lake, eleven of us climbed up steps on Logan Street into Hald-Strawberry Park trails and the TID trail. It was raining throughout, but lightly and without much wind.

The moisture gave the Madrone trees their brilliant red color. Wandering about on the hillside offers nice views of the town on one side and homes on the far side slopes. Even the somewhat unremarkable trail, our hikers enjoy their conversations as they walk between lovely evergreens and the ditch.

Our group is so very congenial, and today we welcomed two new members. Before turning around at the end of the TID trail just above the Park, Liora, new to us recited a wonderful poem entitled “What do you do when lost in the Forest?” That was a special treat. Best guess is that we hiked close to 4 miles. Then five of us enjoyed lunch at Skout together.