Oredson Todd Woods in Ashland Watershed and Thanksgiving Gathering 11-18-22

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Fifteen hikers climbed into and around our wonderful watershed in the Oredson-Todd Woods. We started on Clay Street, crossed Clay Creek, and followed the trail up to the Oredson-Todd trail.  We continued on the Upper Trail past the “waterfalls” and on up toward White Rabbit to continue up Mike Uhtoff trail to the 2nd bench overlooking Ashland. We returned by way of Cheshire Cat, Mike Uhtoff, Lower Clay Loop, and Lower Oredson-Todd trails, completing a loop back to Clay Street.

Walking down Clay to Chitwood Lane and Kay’s home for our Thanksgiving expression of thanks to our hikers. We’d covered 4 miles and 670’ elevation gain. Eight or so other Friday Mod hikers joined us for lunch. Kay and husband George served warm chili packed with lovely vegetables and beans along with bread and mulled spiced cider. Some hikers contributed cookies and apple crunch for dessert.  We enjoyed the opportunity to talk with one another and get into the spirit of Thanksgiving time.