Ashland Watershed - Bandersnatch -Gryphon -Red Queen - Bandersnatch 3-24-23

Photos by Mary

Ashland Hiking Home

We gathered at 9:00 AM at the parking area at the base of the Witzend Trail on Glenview in Ashland. We took off quickly up the Bandersnatch Trail, trying to warm up in the cold and spitting snow. Surprisingly, we encountered quite a few hikers throughout the wintry day.

The “powder sugar” dusting of snow added to the beauty of the popular watershed trails. The trail treads were clear of snow. We hiked up to FS 2060 via Red Queen and turned around after having a snack. It started snowing heavier on the way back and we decided to go straight to the cars via Bandersnatch and not hike the longer Snark loop, as originally planned.

We re-convened at Greenleaf for lunch at 12:30.