Walking Across Ashland 3-4-24

Photos by Randy

Ashland Hiking Home

Concern about possible ice on upper Park Street and Walker made us switch to a plan B hike from many years ago.

Twelve hikers turned out to cross Ashland from the Rite Aid parking lot to the Plaza using the Ashland Central bike path and sidewalks.

Snow and ice were not much of a factor down at 1,800', but we did get some when we took a loop in Lithia Park before lunch at Skout's.

The weather started at about freezing but steadily rose and we had unexpected periods of sunlight during our hike.
We had the bike path mostly to ourselves with nary a bike insight.

When we arrived at the entrance to Lithia it was only 10:20 am so we decided to walk the length of the park up to the swimming reservoir for our group picture then back down to work up an appetite for lunch.

On the day this hike added up to 6.5 miles with just 300' of elevation gain.

At lunch, we were greeted by our friend Joe Senter who joined us at the table under the warm heat lamps.

As always, we made lemonade out of the lemons that the weather dealt us and had a wonderful time on this plan B hike.

As Joe always says, "make it a great day"

Thank you,