Toothpick Trail to Lewis Point 3-29-24

Photos by Elisabeth

Ashland Hiking Home

Eight Friday Mods enjoyed one of our classic hikes, Toothpick and above. We’d pivoted from our plan for Crater Lake due to road closure.

A cold and cloudy day, but with a brief sun showing and a brief sprinkle of graupel. It’s spring in Ashland. We hiked to Lamb Saddle for a break and decided to make a diversion to check out Lamb’s Mine. Mabrie and Richard started to venture in, stopped by the gate protecting the Easter bunny ‘goblins’ within, busy producing Easter eggs. We continued to the end of that short 0.8-mile trail, returning to Lamb Saddle. From there, we hiked the usual route up Caterpillar to the Gyre, Gimble, and Lewis Point intersection.

Two of us perched on logs nearby for lunch, while the other six proceeded to the picnic bench at Lewis Point. Too overcast to get the views, but they found the lovely Pacific Hound’s Tongue our in its glory. We met up at the intersection and returned together, noting a couple of the early wildflowers – tiny purple and tiny white (we’re ready to learn and relearn the names with Liz).

Our vista views were limited due to overcast, but enjoyed a moment of clearing for an appreciated view of Grizzly Peak and our beloved Ashland below. Two of us had hiked 5.3 miles RT with 650’ elevation gain; the Lewis Point six had hiked 6.3 miles RT and surely another 100’ for a total 750’ elevation gain.