Upper Table Rock Wildflower Walk 4-7-23

Photos by Kate, Kay and Liz

Ashland Hiking Home

Ten very optimistic souls ventured out in a rain-showery day to see if any wildflowers were braving the still winter-like conditions to bloom.  

Well. There were literally thousands of Henderson's Fawn lilies on the slopes.  They are endemic (unique) to southern Oregon, and we are lucky to have them in such profusion.  Everything else was really onesies or twosies until we reached the flooded top of Table Rock where there were thousands of vernal pool flowers trying to open, including the very rare Dwarf wooly meadowfoam found ONLY on the Table Rocks.  

We were lucky to have a break in the weather for lunch at the top before heading back down a very muddy, slippery cobble trail until we gratefully hit the gravel again.

Besides the flowers in bloom, we saw lots more plants that are pushing their way from the ground to unfurl and flower.  It will be a spectacular wildflower season once the sun comes out and the weather warms up.

Here's what our sharp-eyed flower finders spied blooming:

Bedstraw (Cleavers), Blue dicks,  California goldfields, Celery-leaf (California) lomatium, California sandwort, Common fiddleneck, Cottonweed (Q-tips), Cowbag or cow udder clover, Cranesbill (Filaree), Dwarf wooly meadowfoam, Dwarf monkeyflower, Grassland (Wholeleaf) saxifrage, Grass widow (Satin flower), Gold fields, Hall's desert parsley (Biscuitroot), Fineleaf desert parsley (Biscuitroot), Henbit deadnettle, Henderson's shooting star, fawn lily, Henderson'sHounds tongue, Miner's lettuce, Southern Oregon buttercup, Popcorn flower, Western buttercup, Woodland star (Small-flowered), 

Shrubs: White-leaf Manzanita, Birchleaf mountain mahogany, Oregon grape, Silk tassel

Respectfully submitted, Your Flower Floozy Liz