Southern Oregon Land Conservancy Rogue River Preserve 5-20-22

Photos by Kay

The weather was perfect for a grand day at Southern Oregon Land Conservancy's Rogue River Preserve.  The combined group of WWers and Elisabeth's Friday Moderate hikers numbered 25, but we were able to spread out so everyone could spot flowers and birds.  We followed the 2-1/2 mile loop trail around the eastern half of the property, moving through Oak woodland, Agate desert, Prairie, and Riparian habits, and had lunch by the rushing, sparkling Rogue River.

No vernal pool flowers unfortunately, the pools were gone, but we found a number of old friends like the Tolmei's Mariposa Lily aka Pussy ears, California Poppy, Rosy Plectritis and Blue Dicks,. We also ID's some new ones, like the wildly named Blow Wives -- what a cool plant!  Think shiny slivery petals that aren't really petals. Many thanks to knowledgeable and determined WWers Eva, Leslie, Kate, Kay and others who tracked down the mystery blooms.  

Afterwards, about eight of us stopped at the swanky Bayer Family Winery on Agate Road for celebratory libations.

And, almost best of all, thanks to generous attendees that day we raised $140 in contributions for SOLC.

Below is a list of identified plants if you are interested.  

Respectfully submitted, Your Flower Floozy Liz 

And, from Elisabeth:

Fifteen of the Moderate Hiking Group members were thrilled to be invited to join the Wildflower Walk today. We learned a great deal about many, many wildflowers, as well as the history and geology of the territory. Liz is a wonderful teacher and very generous to usher 25 walkers through this learning experience on an absolutely beautiful day. The icing was seeing and hearing many different bird species, including a couple of eagles.