Greensprings Summit to Little Hyatt Reservoir 7-15-22

Photos by Kay and Kris

Ashland Hiking Home

Our goal Friday on the PCT to Little Hyatt Reservoir was to find the elegant, elusive Mountain Lady Slipper. Along the way we kept busy identifying lots and lots of summer wildflowers -- close to 50 species.  Unfortunately, the recent hot weather took a toll on our lovely mountain lady and she was definately past her prime when we came upon her.  However, the good news is there was enough rain this year so that, according to reports, a couple of weeks ago the clump was still blooming. Next year we will make sure to schedule this WW 2 to 4 weeks earlier.

Still it was a beautiful day and the ten of us had a great time trying to ID all the flowers, some very familiar, some not so much.  (One little guy is still a mystery but we're working on it.).  At the two-mile mark after a lunch stop we shared with a delightful young through-hiker, I headed back to my car that we had shuttled earlier while the rest of the group turned around and headed back through the forest and meadows, reviewing and identifying all the plants again, I am sure!

Respectfully submitted, Your Flower Floozy Liz